Time to Toddle 4 Emily

Created by Madeleine April 25th, 2015 This event has closed


I am organising a Toddle Waddle in Caxton to raise funds and awareness of Meningitis in memory of my lovely god-daughter, Emily. Please visit www.justgiving.com/mcunningham if you would like to make a donation. Thank you! Love Maddy x


Time to Toddle 4 Emily

May 6th, 2015
The sun shone and everyone had a great time, whether it was making a starfish hat or a flag, decorating the fish shaped biscuits or running round the green on the toddle. Lesley and Rosie's cakes are still being talked about! I am waiting on some sponsorship money to come in, but the current running total is £1368.18. Everyone has been very generous and thank you all for your support. Love Maddy x